Our aim is ALL


Rev Stan Harvey

Overseas Missions Director

As 2021 comes to a close, we can all breathe a sigh of relief for having gotten through some very difficult days, with lockdowns and interruptions to our lives and also to our ministries in Overseas Missions. We are grateful for God’s keeping and blessings, even during these difficult days that we were still able to minister and give to the work of God overseas.


Like so many others, we adapted to make use of opportunities online to minister and give by way of financial assistance to our regional neighbours. I want to thank all of you: Pastors, leaders and members of the UPCA for your ongoing support and prayers for our efforts and with our brethren overseas. Your giving has made an enormous impact on many churches, particularly those who have been adversely affected by natural disasters as well as the pandemic. This past year, we were able to help the Churches on Rote Island, off West Timor, where church buildings and homes were destroyed and damaged by a massive cyclone earlier in the year. We not only assisted with the flood relief in East Timor, but we also gave out grants to assist the saints that lost employment and income as a result of the pandemic. With your generous giving, we were able to provide assistance to the Church in Fiji, giving grants to all UPCI Fiji pastors and families. We also assisted in the completion of the ACTS Bible School Evangelist quarters there.

As online platforms have become a common mode of communication, in August I was blessed to teach a Bible School subject, Ministerial Development for the Apostolic Truth Bible College in Samoa with Missionary Br Stephen Merritt, all on Zoom. This was followed by an opportunity to minister at the Anointed for a Purpose Conference in Fiji and then at the Leaders Seminar in Dili, Timor-Leste. Once again, all done online. It’s amazing to think that we could still connect and minister with our mission fields overseas, without getting on a plane. Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures and we are thankful for such opportunities.


Our new theme for 2022 is ‘ALL’ – ALL Things – To ALL Nations – with ALL we have. Though this word, that’s repeated throughout the Great Commission verses of Matt 28:19-20 is a small three letter word, yet its implications are indeed profound. Our task is the salvation of all people, throughout the world and we must do all that we can with all that we have to accomplish the burden of the Lord. I want to challenge the Australian Church to see God’s call and to aim for the absolute of our giving, sending and going to reach beyond our shores. The need is immense but together, we can do more than we’ve ever done and give more than we’ve ever given. It’s time to stretch ourselves and even if it doesn’t seem much, as long as we aim for All!


This new year we are hoping to get boots on the ground and visit our mission fields pending border restrictions, but we will also continue to minister online and continue to provide support and resources to the works in Timor-Leste, Indonesia, other South-East Asian nations and the Pacific region. With your help, I believe we can see more people reached with the message of hope and truth.


God bless you

Br Stan Harvey


Rote 2 (2).jpg

Rote Island, Indonesia, suffered the devastation left by Cyclone Seroja in April. OSM assisted financially to support the rebuild of the churches and houses that belong to the saints.