A Sending Church

Rev Stan Harvey

Overseas Missions Director

We are thankful for another outstanding year in our Overseas Missions Department. God has blessed us with so many opportunities in various countries within our region to help and pray for the extension of God’s Kingdom there. There is significant progress in the Church building development in Baucau, Timor Leste, while our Missionaries Br & Sis Perry work tirelessly to help prepare the work for a greater future. We had the wonderful privilege of visiting Sri Lanka with our Australian Youth team and our efforts in Indonesia continue to be a blessing to our brethren.


We want to thank all of our UPCA Churches for their faithful giving and fervent prayers for all our missions endeavours that has seen Churches increased and lost people won to Christ. Your contributions have supported a team of UPCA ministry to teach leadership seminars in Kupang, West Timor, to a number of ministers in the South East region of Indonesia. We are able to assist Pastor Hannah in that same city with the rent of her Church property. Our support for our Bali pastors as well as Pastor Oyang from Jayapura is ongoing with ministry visits and constant contact. The Baucau Church is the second major assembly in Timor Leste, located in the hill area of the region. We are excited to see walls and rooms being built as an extension of the Church property that will provide Sunday school rooms and accommodation for the pastor and leaders.


Just last month I led a youth team of 22 from all around Australia, for a short missions trip to Sri Lanka. A life changing event for many of us, where we had hoped to expose some of our youth to the field and perhaps the next generation of missionaries may emerge from this group. About 18 were filled with the Holy Ghost and 9 baptised as a result of our ministry there. Glory to God!

In addition, we continue to connect and support our Brethren in PNG, Fiji, Kiribati, Vanuatu and New Zealand, all of which contributes to encouraging and assisting in the growth of God’s Church. More details are enclosed in the other reports of this newsletter.

Whilst we are duly occupied with the evangelisation of our own nation, yet it is incumbent upon us as the Church of the Living God to also make every effort to extend ourselves in reaching our foreign neighbours. Or, at least support the churches in those nations with moral support, direct ministry, prayers and resources that God has blessed the Australian Church with. The early Church although dynamic and powerful, were allowed to be persecuted by God, that signalled the launch of a worldwide missions program from Antioch. It is my firm belief that we can be an Antioch of our region as we ‘SEND’ missionaries, resources and prayers for this region.


PLEASE CONSIDER THAT: Indonesia has a population of 263 million, Timor Leste 1.2 million, PNG 8.2 Million, New Zealand 4.8 million and the Pacific nations with a combined total of 2.3 million inhabitants. With over a quarter of a billion people comprising of our immediate neighbours, we must continue to send what we can and as much as we can. I am convinced that the more we give and send, the more God pours out. The Hebrew word for ‘love’ in Scripture has it’s root meaning in the word to give. For God so loved that He gave. Our love compels us to send and to give.

Though we are limited yet God’s word declares: “The little one shall become a thousand, and the small one a strong nation; Jehovah, will hasten it in its time” Isa 60:22.



Let’s reach our neighbours for Christ.



Yours for Missions

Br Stan Harvey


            Pacific Cooperative Meeting- Br Perry (Timor Leste), Br Harvey (Australia), Br Lee and

Br Sonambella (Indonesia), Br Buckland (UPCI Regional Director) and Br Colandaraj (Malaysia)

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