Back on the Field!

Rev Jonathan Downs

Overseas Missions Director

Greetings to all our brothers and sisters!


After two years of not being able to visit the churches in Timor-Leste, it was exciting to go back and see the growth, not only numerically but also in maturity.

I was blessed to travel with Bsp and Sis Downs, Br Perry and Br Harvey. Special thanks must go to our missionaries, Br and Sis Perry who worked tirelessly from a distance guiding the work and encouraging the leaders. There is a wonderful bond of unity between the church in Timor-Leste and the church in Australia. This is the result of the work of our missionaries and previous leaders in creating and maintaining such great working relationships.

The establishment of a self-supporting, self-propagating and self-governing church in Timor-Leste continues to be our focus. During this trip, we facilitated a workshop to support the national leaders to establish a draft national vision, mission, goals and strategic plan. This will be the guiding document for investment of financial and human resources into the coming years. It is so encouraging to hear the leaders speak of the establishment of small congregations throughout the nation and their plans to open more churches in the outer provinces.


We were able to open the new Bible School facilities in Baucau funded by the generous giving of the UPCA. 

We are very happy with the quality of the build and look forward to seeing it filled with students who are hungry for truth and feel the call of God to ministry. A present challenge is the multiple languages spoken in East Timor. Tetun, the official language, is very much in the infancy stages. We are currently using material interpreted into Indonesian; however, we are moving towards using more and more material in Tetun. 


The national organisation and the preparation for nationalising the work is making good progress. To date, we have appointments for General Superintendent, Secretary Treasurer, Youth President and Home Missions Director and they are beginning to work together in the oversight of the work. The Timor-Leste Youth President came and joined the “Uprising” Youth Conference hosted by the National Youth Ministries at the Pentecostals of Sydney in May 2022.  A local constitution has been adopted for the church in Dili, and work is now underway to implement a local constitution for the church in Baucau. We are also beginning to make preparation for a national constitution. It is exciting to see the church moving toward becoming “self-supporting, self-propagating, self-governing”.


The revival services were very well attended with the church full in Dili and Baucau.  The worship was tremendous and there really was a beautiful liberty in worship.  We had a good number filled with the Holy Spirit and baptisms as well.  To God be the glory!


Please continue to keep the church in Timor-Leste in your prayers: 

  • For the national leaders, especially Br Sylvester and Sis Olinda.

  • For Br and Sis Perry as they continue to support and guide the church in Timor-Leste.

  • For our established churches in Dili and Baucau, and their corresponding Bible Schools.

  • For the outreaches in Lospalos, Viqueque and Quelicai.


Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support.  It is exciting to see

what God is doing in Timor-Leste, and we are believing God for a mighty revival to sweep

across the whole nation.


God bless you

Br Jonathan Downs


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Timor-Leste's hearts continue to be pulled towards God. Regular baptisms are the fruit of the hard work and prayers of ourTimorese brethren