When God's people pray...

God's plans are set in motion



Rev Stan Harvey

Overseas Missions Director

At our General Conference earlier this year, the Overseas Missions Department challenged the UPCA Churches to adopt some of the nations in the Asia Pacific region by taking a flag of the nation selected and then committing to pray for revival and salvation in those respective countries. We were moved to do this because we recognised the enormous task of reaching the multitude of lost people in the Pacific region, let alone in densely populated Asian countries.


The task seems insurmountable with the sheer scale of geography and demography, especially for a relatively small church as Australia. However, we are not daunted because our faith does not rest in ourselves or our limited resources but it rests on a great and mighty God whose love and compassion for people is limitless. I believe that before Christ returns, there must be a profound thrust of the sickle in bringing salvation to these nations.

It starts however, with God’s people beginning to pray intently and intensely. Some of the nations we have adopted do not have Apostolic Churches preaching truth, and some others where there are churches, are persecuted by either government or their community. When God’s people start praying however, God will begin to open doors and set the wheels of evangelism in motion to bring about the salvation of people and the establishment of His Kingdom.

The second chapter of the Book of Exodus from verses 23- 25, describes a somewhat peculiar occurrence where it says that when the Children of Israel cried out to God, that He remembered His covenant with Abraham to bless his descendants. This is strange because it’s implying in human terms that God had forgotten them. We are cognisant to the fact that God knows all things and would therefore not forget Israel in the same way that we forget to turn off the outside light of our homes. The emphasis however, cannot be overlooked: it was when Israel began to cry out to God in prayer that God looked upon them and, in turn, triggered into motion the series of events that would set them free from bondage and lead them back to their promised land.


I ask that you continue to pray with fervency and compassion for these nations. It just may be the catalyst to raising up a Moses or an Apostle Paul that would be the instrument that God will use to bring revival to these nations. Pray for the protection and deliverance of persecuted churches and to experience growth and revival. Continue to support Overseas Missions with our Missionaries Br & Sis Perry in Timor-Leste, our efforts in Indonesia and the Pacific. Adopt a missionary and have a ‘sending mindset’ as in Acts 13:2-4; if you can’t go, you can send others, send funding and send up prayers.

Thank you again to all who continue to support our mission overseas!

Yours for Missions

Br Stan Harvey


Br Harvey ministering at the 2019 National Capital Region District Summer Youth Camp, Philippines

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